Donate To The Scarsdale Procedure Committee


Scarsdale's non-partisan election system relies on annual participation by the residents of the Village of Scarsdale. We are especially grateful for your support during these challenging times, because the 2021-2022 non-partisan nominating process for the offices of Trustees also depends on the financial support of voters like you. Your contribution helps ensure a municipal governance system free of partisan politics, campaign financing and electioneering promises.

Your support is needed to help defray the necessary costs of publishing an election brochure distributed to Scarsdale residents, which includes an explanation of the non-partisan system, any proposed amendments to the Non-Partisan Resolution, and the biographies of candidates running for a seat on the Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC). The Procedure Committee also bears the costs of running the CNC election in November of each year.

To help defray the costs of the Procedure Committee, please consider a contribution.

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