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Scarsdale's Non-Partisan System promotes the election of candidates who are qualified by reason of their civic, rather than political, abilities and experience. Village residents elect a Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC), which in turn selects a slate of candidates for the village offices of trustee, mayor and village justice. The system encourages the active participation of all residents. The Non-Partisan system is financed entirely by community support. To donate, send a check to The Procedure Committee, P.O. Box 284, Scarsdale, NY 10583 or visit the website: www.scarsdaleprocedurecommittee.org.

The Non-Partisan System is governed by the Non-Partisan Resolution that creates its structure: a Procedure Committee to administer the CNC election, a Citizens Nominating Committee to nominate candidates to stand for election to village office, and a campaign committee of the Scarsdale Citizens Non-Partisan Party formed by volunteers to advance the slate.

September: The Procedure Committee invites all residents to propose candidates for the Citizens Nominating Committee. With certain exceptions listed in the Non-Partisan Resolution, Article V.1, anyone who (i) is eighteen or older, (ii) a U.S. citizen, (iii) has been a resident of Scarsdale for at least 2 years before Election Day, and (iv) has 10 supporting signatures, can run for a seat on the CNC.
November: Election for the Citizens Nominating Committee is held. Candidates run for each of 2 annual vacant seats as representatives of their Non-Partisan Unit (elementary school district) for three-year terms (Unit Elections). From time to time, vacancies arise that create additional open seats for one-year or two-year terms on the CNC.
December/January: The CNC solicits community input and nominates candidates for village office. Anyone can submit a candidate's name to the CNC.
March: Elections for village office are held.

The system belongs to everyone: there is no party registration requirement. Any Scarsdale resident is automatically a member of the Non- Partisan System. Anyone can propose a candidate's name for village office to the CNC: Candidates are typically proposed by neighbors or fellow community volunteers who respect the candidate's judgment and value the candidate's history of involvement in village affairs. Candidates are free of special interest lobbying: Candidates are not beholden to special interests or parties, and the pool of people the system can tap is larger than a party-based system. Elected official's positions are derived by listening to community residents, gathering all available information and using good judgment to determine what is in the best interest of the village as a whole. The system taps a wide range of talent and experience: Village trustees traditionally serve for up to two 2-year terms; the village mayor traditionally serves one 2-year term. Short terms allow a greater number of residents to participate in the system.

Free of partisan politics, Scarsdale's unique system of government encourages open-minded, thoughtful, community-spirited residents to serve the best interests of the village as a whole. This Non-Partisan System was developed as a response to several contentious campaigns for village office between the Republican and Democratic committees many years ago. Under the Non-Partisan System, Scarsdale has enjoyed good, honest government for more than 90 years as one of the few municipalities in New York State with the stand-alone AAA credit rating.

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