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document2019 LWVS CNC Consensus Statement PublicJanuary 25, 2020
 2019 LWVS CNC Consensus Statement
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document2019 LWVS CNC Consensus Statement PublicJanuary 25, 2020
 The annual report of Scarsdale League of Women Voters on the activities of the 2019-2020 Procedure Committee to administer the recruitment of CNC candidates, the CNC election and the village nonpartisan system.
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document2019 Procedure Committee Interim Report PublicDecember 16, 2019
 The preliminary report prepared for a presentation to the Scarsdale League Of Women Voters on December 9, 2019, as updated.
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document2019 CNC Election Mail-In Ballot PublicOctober 30, 2019
 This is the Mail-In Ballot for voters who currently do not plan on voting in person on November 12, 2019. If you change your mind and decide to vote in person, the Main-In Ballot will be invalidated.
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document2019 CNC Election Brochure with Candidate Profiles PublicOctober 29, 2019
 The 2019 Election Brochure will be mailed to all Scarsdale residents the week prior to the November 12, 2019 CNC Election.
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document2019 CNC Recruitment Packet with Updated Application Forms PublicAugust 10, 2019
 The updated Citizens Nominating Committee Recruitment Packet contains all CNC application materials: a Biographical Information form and the CNC Petition form. The packet also contains a FAQ sheet about the nonpartisan system.
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document2019-2020 PC and CNC Calendar PublicAugust 01, 2019
 2019-2020 Calendar Dates and Deadlines
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documentNon-Partisan Resolution, Amended November 13, 2018 PublicJune 30, 2019
 2018 Amended Non-Partisan Resolution, 12 amendments ratified by Scarsdale voters November 13, 2018
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documentNon-Partisan Resolution, Amended November 13, 201 8 PublicJune 05, 2019
 The NPR is the governing document for the nonpartisan election system in Scarsdale administered by the Procedure Committee.
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document2018 CNC Brochure PublicJune 05, 2019
 The 2018 CNC Brochure may be used as a template for information and formatting purposes to assist the 2019 PC.
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