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The Scarsdale Procedure Committee relies 100% on donations from individuals and local neighborhood organizations to finance the expenses of running the election to the CNC. These expenses include printing and postage for village wide mailings and advertisements and amount to $3,000-5,000, depending on the number of candidates running and the number of amendments being proposed to the Resolution.

Our system of Village government has removed the money from politics, and relies on the Procedure Committee to find the candidates to run for and be elected to the Nominating Committees, which then finds and attracts the best candidates to run for Village-wide office. Our unique system makes Scarsdale what it is today. But the Procedure Committee relies on your contributions to finance the elections. Your funds do not go to support any one candidate. Donations are used solely to run the election.

Please donate generously. Our suggested donation is $30, but you can give more or less.

We now accept Paypal. Paypal is a fast, easy, secure way to pay. When you pay with Paypal, the Scarsdale Procedure Committee does not see your credit card information. We only receive your donation, which we can easily transfer to our bank account to pay our bills. Click the button below to donate via Paypal.

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Or send us a check the old fashioned way. Please make your check payable to “The Procedure Committee” and mail it to the following address:

The Procedure Committee
PO Box 284
Scarsdale, NY 10583